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Not many providers can offer a dozen of treatment options and claim to do them all great, often said just to get your business! Common sense tells us it’s impossible to be “all things to all people.” Instead at Dyscover Med Spa we choose to focus on fewer treatments that are generally proven to be the best and most effective in skin care rejuvenation. We treat clients with the highest degree of care, expertise, and device superiority that we can offer with our focused and popular treatment options. If we honestly cannot help you, we may refer you to another trusted network professional that can meet your needs.

But for optimum results from your treatments, be sure only licensed professionals with current hospital-grade safety, sterility, and certified mass injection experience and capabilities work with you. As example, for the most effective Micro-Needling results, normally deeper “needle” skin-depth is critical to achieve the BEST results. In Arizona only licensed MD’s, NP’s, & RN’s are permitted to withdraw blood and surpass 1.mm needle skin-depth down to 2.5mm skin-depth. This extra needle skin-depth can improve results as significantly more collagen is stimulated. So with your valuable resources and opportunity to reduce wrinkles in your 1st treatment, why settle for less than your best potential results? Only go with these licensed professionals who can maximize your results!

Dyscover Med Spa offers a wide selection of treatments to rejuvenate and achieve radiant skin, as well as elicit the natural vibrancy of the complexion. Skilled and skillful technicians and aestheticians perform chemical peels, microneedling or dermaplaning treatments, wrinkle-reducing cosmetic injectables, PRP facials, or vitamin shots, to name just a few. At Dyscover Med Spa clients achieve smoother skin, take care of their overall well-being, and look and feel better than ever.

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Jill Cox , Owner / CEO

My name is Jill Cox and I have a passion for using my expertise and experience to help your skin look fresher and younger while making you feel great about yourself!

Here are my qualifications: 16-year Licensed and currently practicing Arizona RN w/ACLS+BLS certifications; Certified Nurse Injector; Collagen Induction Therapist; Certified Laser Technician; Certified PCA Consultant. My desire to improve my own skin has led me to helping others do the same. My clients can benefit from my own personal experiences on potentially what works best, while also considering industry leading advanced techniques and cost. I’m ready to help you.

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